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Being a pioneer, strong and well respected company that provides products to consumers that affect senses, trigger creativity and help them enjoy life more while growing profitably within the scope of the distinctness our products offer.


Carry Lisans Kirtasiye (Live) to the future by adopting universal values as our principles and using contemporary operation methods.



1- Honesty And Reliability

Our basic values are to follow legislation and law, mutual agreements and ethical values in all the activities we carry out with the society, our customers, suppliers and employees, be respectful to rights in relations, trust and transparency.

We also expect the same diligence from our customers, suppliers and employees.

2- Collaboration With Our Commercial Partners And Customer Focus

It is our principle to adopt consistent business relationships providing mutual benefits with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Listening to our customers, understanding them, guiding them and providing solutions based on their needs are our main strategy and corporate culture.

We expect the same conciousness from our business associates.


  3 - Being Open To Novelties And Change And Management

Developing products that cater to the needs of the society and our customers, following trends and being a pioneer in our field is our roadmap.

We apply an autonomous management and an central supervision system. It is our goal to reduce autonomy to an individual level, and encourage decisions to be taken by lower echelons which are then approve by top management instead of application of decisions taken by the upper management levels.

As an institutionalized company which has binded its activities with an internal system and procedures, we prioritize team work and share profit, loss, success or defeat.

4 - Fair And Ethical Competition

We embark on functioning according to fair competition principles and regulations that remain in force in our commercial activities.

5 - Environmental / Art Consciousness And Social Responsibility

We take it to be our social responsibility to contribute to environmental protection and arts, care about difficulties surrounding these issues and create educational solutions together with our customers, suppliers and employees in cooperation with the society.